Ingredients & Processing:

Q: Are your nuts treated before they arrive to your facility?
A:  The California almonds used by Elmhurst are pasteurized to comply with FDA regulations and recommendation from food safety experts. This is to remove the risk of Salmonella. Because of this we have chosen to get almonds that are PPO Pasteurized, an approved pasteurization method used by the FDA. 

* A: Almonds are PPO treated before arriving to us. If that's a concern for you, the raw ingredients we use to make our other varieties such as our Milked Peanuts, Milked Cashews or Milked Oats have not been treated.
                  What is PPO Pasteurization?
 - PPO is a fumigant used in the US for reduction of bacteria, yeasts, and mold. 

* The rice used in production of Milked Brown Rice is fumigated during the summer months to reduce insect activity. During the colder months it is not required.

*The walnuts are not heat treated prior to their arrival at our facilities. After we receive the walnuts, they are washed. The washed Walnuts go through the patented Milking process. They are then packaged & processed under our Aseptic quality plan which ensures that all microorganisms are killed and that Elmhurst Packaged products are safe for sale and human consumption.

* Our supplier has confirmed there is no Endosulfan treatment in our cashews.

* At this time all other ingredients are Un-Treated. The Agricultural ingredients used by Elmhurst are processed to remove the shells and hulls, but this is a mechanical process.

Q: Do you used Blanched Almonds, is there skin on your almonds?
A: Elmhurst does not use Blanched Almonds, all the Almonds we use are shell-less but do contain the skin.
Q: Is your product organic?
A:  Although our products are not certified Organic, the Elmhurst Team constantly strives for quality. From sourcing the finest ingredients to our innovative milking process, we completely adhere to transparency. Our products are certified vegan through the American vegetarian association, they do not contain MSG, and are certified Non- GMO.

Q: Is your product gluten free?
A: The raw oats we use in our Milked Oats™ are not certified gluten-free. The oats themselves are gluten-free, but a given shipment may come into contact with gluten-containing grains at the agricultural stage. When this is the case, the process of blending the oats to make the finished Elmhurst product reduces gluten content below the FDA threshold for gluten-free foods (<20ppm). Therefore, while the oats we source may have mixed with gluten, our oat products are gluten-free.

Q: I see there is filtered water in your products, how is this filtered?
A: Our water is sourced from Lake Erie. It is brought in and double Carbon Filtered prior to going into a blend

Q: Does Elmhurst use Fair Trade cocoa in Chocolate Milked Peanuts?

A: At this time, we are not using Fair Trade Cocoa. The Supplier that we are currently using sources product from many areas, we could be using fair trade, but currently we are not able to verify. We are considering making the switch but at this time I cannot say that we are using Fair Trade Cocoa

Q: What are your natural flavors?

A: We use proprietary combinations of natural flavors. All are plant-based, derived from spices, fruits, vegetables, herbs, roots other plant materials. All our natural flavors are considered safe by the FDA and American Vegan Association, and are Non-GMO Project verified. None are from animals or animal byproducts.

A: We only use natural flavors that have been derived from plant based materials such as spices, fruits, vegetables, herbs, roots and similar plant materials. These natural flavors are all considered safe per FDA's code of regulations. We do not use any natural flavor derived or made from animal products or bi products. There is no MSG or MSG type in the Natural Flavors.

* The natural flavors we use in our plant milks are a proprietary blend of natural food materials, like essences, extracts and other natural components. We add these proprietary natural flavors to create the best flavor and texture in our plant milks. The natural flavors that we use FOLLOW the FDA and only use GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) ingredients. We strive to create healthy & safe quality plant milks as indicated by our Globally Recognized SQF (Safe Quality Food) level 3 certification.

Q: Hemp Creamer Ingredients:

A: The ingredients in our Hemp Creamer are made up of Hemp Cream, Dipotassium Phosphate, and Natural Flavors. The natural flavors used in our products are All are plant-based, derived from spices, fruits, vegetables, herbs, roots other plant materials. All our natural flavors are considered safe by the FDA and American Vegan Association, and are Non-GMO Project verified. None are from animals or animal byproducts. The purpose of the Natural Flavors in this product are to be used as a masking agent to help balance the strong nutty and hemp flavors that are naturally occurring in the hemp its self.  Dipotassium Phosphate is a commonly used natural salt that makes up less than 2% of our product. This is used for stability in coffee creamers.

Q: Are any of your natural Flavors derived from corn?

A: Elmhurst constantly strives for quality we are sure to source the finest ingredients, none of which are derived from corn.

Q: Are there Glyphosates used in your products?
A:  Our oat supplier has confirmed there are no Glyphosates used during the production of our oat beverages.

Q: What is your process?
A: Our cold milling technique, which we’ve coined as “milking,” is a patented process that allows us to produce a non-dairy milk that contains the nutrition of the whole nuts in a creamy emulsion. This technique successfully extracts all protein, fat and micronutrients from the whole ingredients so there is no need to fortify our products. The key advantage of our milking process is that it can produce a “whole foods” drink, extracting the nutritional benefit of the nuts in a “clean” form, without stabilizers or gums; which creates a creamy texture with appealing subtle flavors.

* Our process does not require controversial industrial stabilizers or gums. When the nuts arrive at our facility they are washed again to ensure they are clean before we mill them into our nutmilk. Our proprietary cold milling process separates the almonds into their essential components: oils, protein, good fats and fiber. The process is called “cold milling” because it does not heat up the nuts as they are ground. This process helps keep all the amazing nutrients available and provides a creamy texture. Our products are packaged by and aseptic process, meaning it destroys all microorganisms while allowing us to capture and stabilize the freshness and quality of our nutmilks.

Q: What happens to all the nuts?

A: The main byproduct from our nut milk production process is nut fiber, this can be used and is not a waste. Buyers can use this as an ingredient in nutritional bars, vitamin capsules, animal feed, or even used as an ingredient in crackers.

Q: Cane sugar is used in your products, is it Vegan? / is this whited by bone char?
A: Elmhurst products contain Evaporated Cane Sugar/Juice which does not use Bone Char to filter or whiten the sugar. Our sugar is actually brownish/golden in color similar to Turbinado.

Q: What Kind of sugar is used in your products?
A: The sugar that we are using is an Evaporated Cane Juice. This is a very minimally processed sugar. In most cases this is considered an unrefined Sugar. There are some people that argue that any form of processing makes it refined.

Q: What type of salt is used in your products?
A: I am happy to let you know the salt used in our products is non-ionized salt.

Q: Why does the Unsweetened variety have sugar on the nutrition panel?
Nuts naturally contain sugar. We are proud to bring our consumers our line of unsweetened products, made with two simple ingredients: nuts + water. There are no added sugars in these varieties, just the sugar found naturally in the nut.


Q: What is the shelf life on your products?

A:  All our products have a shelf-life up to 180 days! Meaning they are perfectly fine in or out of your refrigerator until the date printed on the carton. Once opened, they must be refrigerated where they will then remain fresh for 7-10 days!

Q: How are your processed between each variety?

A: Our products are manufactured with strict processing parameters identified and monitored on every production run.  Numerous tests are conducted throughout the process to verify that no unintentional allergens are present in the product. Our plant is SQF certified.

Q: How does your product keep stable without gums or emulsifiers?

A: Our HydroRelease™ method uses water to separate the source ingredient (i.e. nut or grain). The oils and nutrients liberated through by this process are then reassembled, creating a creamy, milk-like emulsion that does not require added

Q: The product seems to be separated, is this spoiled?
A: These “lumps” that you’re seeing are naturally occurring fat and protein provided by the nuts alone, can sometimes separate and this might be displayed as "chunky" materials seen in this product. This is a natural part of the formulation, associated with our higher levels of protein and fat in the absence of gums, starches or stabilizers. Although this could be unsightly, product is safe to consume, and fresh until the date printed on the carton. Once the seal is broken, product must remain refrigerated and will be fresh for 7-10 days.

* Thank you for your recent feedback describing your less than perfect experience with one of our products. Since we do not use any stabilizers or emulsifiers when manufacturing our plant based milks, certain products like the Milked Almonds, may react when mixed with hot beverages. What you observed wasn't actually “curdling” but a separation of the Almond Milk’s natural fats and proteins. Despite the product’s appearance, we assure you that it is still safe to consume. If you are looking to use our products in your coffee, we have found that the cashew and oat variety perform best in hot beverages.

Q: I poured Milked Almonds into my coffee and it looks lumpy, is this spoiled?
A: When you see this happen, so long as there isn't a sour smell and it was stored properly, it's still perfectly safe to consume. We do understand the appearance isn't ideal and we are working on improving it. Some of our varieties simply hold up better in coffee than others, for example our Oat or Cashew just based on their natural makeup.

*Because of its natural properties, Almond milk can sometimes break down when added to coffee. The product is not curdling, but natural separation can occur as the natural fats and proteins begin to separate once added to hot beverages, the acidity of the coffee can also play a role in the separation. Although this can be unsightly, there is no issue consuming the product. If you are looking for another option, we have found that our cashew and oat milk preform best in hot beverages.

Q: Do Elmhurst products require refrigeration?

A: Elmhurst products are aseptically packed, meaning they do not require refrigeration until opened. Elmhurst products are shelf stable and will remain fresh until the date printed on the carton. Once the carton has been opened, the product must be refrigerated and consumed within 7-10 days.

Q: Has Milked Peanuts been discontinued?
A: Thanks for getting in touch! While Milked Peanuts™ has been discontinued, we are always exploring new opportunities. We will keep your feedback in mind as the Elmhurst® family of products grows and evolves.

Q: Can I freeze Elmhurst Milked products?
A: We do not recommend freezing our product. While freezing will not affect the safety or nutritional value of the product, it could change texture once it thaws. You can use our products in frozen desserts or smoothies.


Question: My child is allergic to peanuts, do you run your peanuts on the same lines as the other nuts and varieties?
(applies to all varieties)
A: Yes, our products are run on shared manufacturing lines.

However, our production facilities use protocols compliant with FDA guidelines to prevent cross-contamination and all products processed in the entire facility are tested for the allergen. This is part of our extensive allergen testing procedure, which is standard for all products we run.

 Whenever there is a product switch on the lines, we clean the facility extensively.  Immediately following cleaning, any product run on that line or that could potentially share that line is tested for traces of the previous potential allergen.  This testing is repeated for a few additional runs as needed. If any traces are found, the batch will not be approved.

*All of our processing systems are fully cleaned between every production run.  Extensive cleaning protocols are administered after production.  The cleaning is verified by extensive testing – including verification of allergen removal, at the conclusion of the cleaning regimen. An extensive review is conducted of all the allergen management and food safety protocols prior to the approval of our products for shipment. Every detail is verified for the assurance of only the safest products, by being placed on a quality hold and review prior to being released into the marketplace.
Shipping & Packaging:
Q: The Milk did not ship cold is this safe to drink?
A: Our products are aseptically packed, meaning they do not require refrigeration until opened. Elmhurst products are shelf stable and will remain fresh until the date printed on the carton. Once the carton has been opened, the product must be refrigerated and consumed within 7-10 days.
Q: Is a signature required for my delivery?
A: Elmhurst home delivery does not require one to be home at the time of drop-off. We package our products in a way that preserves their freshness in dry conditions until they are opened. This will arrive in a corrugate cardboard shipping box lined with plastic aero cell to protect the cartons during shipping.

Q: How will my package be shipped?
A: Currently, our direct orders are transported through FedEx home delivery. Depending on location, this may take up to 5-7 business days. We are working on it! In the future we should have different shipping selections that will be available to choose from.

Q: My package arrived damaged, what can you do for me?
A: I am very sorry to hear that your package was received in less than pristine conditions. We understand this is unacceptable, as we value maintaining a strong relationship with our customers.  Would you be able to provide me with your order number and a photo of the damaged package? This will help us further investigate how the damage occurred and how we can prevent this from happening again. Please accept our apologies (offer discount code), we would be happy to replace this shipment!

Q: Are your cartons and shipping contents recyclable?
A: Our cartons are 100% recyclable in most homes and FSC compliant.  The best place to check if our cartons are accepted at your local recycling center is www.recyclecartons.com

Questions ETC:
Q: When will you be available in my area?
A: I would be happy to provide you with a list of stores in your area!  If you don't see us in your local store just yet, be sure to request us! You can always order any of our varieties through our online shop elmhurst1925.com, they will be delivered right to your home!

Q: Where is your store located?
 A: We don't have an Elmhurst store just yet, but we are carried in a variety of retailers. Where are you located?

Q: Can I use your product as an infant milk replacement?
A: No, we do not recommend you use our products as replacement for infant formula. Please consult with a physician before doing so.

Q: I see you were a Dairy, what happened to all the cows?
A: Yes we did switch from dairy to 100% plant-based, but we were simply a dairy not a dairy farm;  so we didn't actually own any cows,  but we did try to be as mindful as possible in our transition.